Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spoil the Husband Day

I've spent years struggling with the jealousy I felt towards DH's travelling job. How great it must be to just take off and leave all the family responsibility on someone else's shoulders, getting maid service, meals prepared, cable TV.... Kid gets sick? DW is there. A/C breaks? DW will call repairman. Lawn mower decides to bite the dust? DW can deal with the disgruntled neighbors.
It took a determined effort on my part- to remind myself of all the struggles he surely faced. Program at school? Dad's out of town. Birthday of kid #1,2,3, or 4? Dad's out of town. Wedding anniversary? Husband is out of town.... on and on it went.
Now that the kids are grown, I get to spend more time on the road with him. And I have a better picture of how that life is. It's wonderful to be able to be together, to feel like I'm really part of a couple! But it's also harder on him. Longer evenings spent entertaining a wife can wear a guy out! He's had a long week of coming "home" from work to a girl who's spent the day storing up things to chatter about and places she wants him to take her. She's also getting homesick- missing her critters and cozy home. What a great reminder of how he probably feels, too. So I'm declaring today... obligatory drum roll, please.....
Spoil My Husband Day!
While he's putting in his time today, I'm off to get hot wings and chips. Then I'll find the local football channels and fluff the cushions. I'm locking down my chatter box and turning on my snore ignorer. (Go Colts!)

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  1. Good for you! And what wonderful husbands we do have :)
    I think I may just do a Spoil the Husband day too! Thanks for the idea....and reminder.


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