Thursday, October 17, 2013

What She Said

  It's one thing to talk about animal husbandry and butchering on a blog under a made-up name. But when I run into someone local who is curious about what goes on at our little place, I tend to clam up- mainly because the answers don't come easy. I certainly feel like I'm doing the right thing, but sharing the why's and details can be difficult. Some people really want to learn what we're all about. And some people just want to judge.

 I very much admire the way the topic is handled by another blogger. She said it so well...


  1. Well put.

    We are sending chickens to the butcher next week. I don't like that it is such an unusual thing for some folks to contemplate. Sometimes I feel like I have to defend myself. But, luckily most of my friends are ok with it because they raise their own meat too.

  2. Very well said!!!! I posted a blog post touching on this topic as well... It was called "The Hypocrisy of Food" and caused quite an uproar... I found it easier to type my thoughts on it than to try and explain it to someone while they stare at me like I'm crazy...


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