Monday, October 7, 2013

Muddin' and Putting up a Playpen

 After a few days and nights of rain, the chicken yard looks like a mud pit which is just dandy when there's work to be done in there...

...but we put on our boots and went muddin' to get the job done.

 After an hour of traipsing in and out of the coop and its surrounding mud... for tools and fencing, feeders and waterers, straw and baby chicks...

 ...we now have a temporary play pen in the coop! Yay for no more smelly chicks in the basement (as anyone who has ever brooded chicks in their house well knows!)


  1. I had chicks in the basement once but they were in a mobile brooder that I built and I could take them outside on warm days so that helped. But yes, they belong outside in a safe area.

  2. We start ours in the bathroom so I can keep an eye on them. Then move them out to the coop after 2 or 3 weeks. We raise meat birds and they grow super fast, and yes, it is a relief when the smell moves outside with them. ;-)


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