Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When the Cat's Away...

...the mice will play.
 BUT, if the people are away... the cat will play, with the mice, until they die, and then she will leave them in a lovely spot for you to find....like you're bath mat. It's so hard to say "good kitty" when your brain is saying "UGH, YUCK, GROSS!"

 On a brighter note:
 We got to see DS#1 graduate from his nuclear schooling.

The weather was great in South Carolina so we did a lot of sight seeing.

 Now we're home. Besides the kitty present, other strange things happened while we were gone. The laundry learned how to multiply on its own, the dust bunnies grew wings and soared to new heights, my garden exploded- the cucumber plants staged a takeover of the bell pepper plants (I'm hoping to find them soon, maybe a rescue mission will save them) and the Johnson grass has turned into shade trees, AND my goat decided to make enough milk for a huge family instead of drying up. Yep, there's plenty to keep me busy. And, oh yeah, DS#2's wedding is 11 days away. Yikes!

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  1. Congratulations to your son! :)


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