Monday, July 29, 2013

Precious Moments

... some that make me want to pull my hair out...

...Finally getting time to make a banana-blueberry smoothie from my own homemade yogurt and homegrown blueberries, only to remember I gave the last banana to the goat.

...Stealing away to spend the weekend with my DH! And upon arrival in my little car, finding he's in the mood for shopping (for stuff that needed to be transported in the truck!)

...Finding the perfect, sized just right for me, used bicycle that I have been wanting FOREVER and having a DH who knew exactly how to take it apart so it would fit in the trunk/back seat of my car, only to arrive home by myself and not be able to get it out of said little car and put back together.

...And last but not least- Glancing down at my instrument panel on the return trip and seeing this:

All of those things reminded me to be thankful for those moments when...

....cold blueberry smoothies hit the spot! DH wants to shop. He might not send me flowers or like to hang out in the ladies wear section, but he can sure turn on the romance in a thrift shop or a sporting goods section!

...somebody just as short as me, donates a bicycle to the Goodwill. What a great find!

...gas stations show up on the next available exit. I really don't think I would have enjoyed a stroll on the Interstate!

Hope you had a great weekend and found something to be thankful for also!

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  1. I always count my blesings too. Life's too short to whine, unless you have cheese!


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