Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lessons Learned Lately (Once Again)

1. Never pass an unmilked goat on the way to the berry patch with a pail that looks like the milk pail.
   - but if you must, take earplugs with you.

2. Never set your berry pail down in freshly mowed grass so you can use your spare hand to hold back the stick tights that are growing through the berry bushes.
   - but if you must, don't back into it.

3. It's easier to pick freshly mowed grass out of spilled berries than it is to pick stick tights out of your hair.
   - but if you must do both, allow an extra half hour of picking time.

4. Never count your hens before all the tail feathers come in.

5. If you're picking berries without earplugs (and spending extra time picking out grass and stick tights) try to be near a chicken run with teenage roosters that are learning how to crow. It's really hard to be frustrated with quality entertainment like that!

P.S. Tomorrow, I'm sharing my favorite blackberry recipe!


  1. I LOVE teenage rooster sounds like those cheap New Year's party horns!!

    1. True! I find myself cheering them on (don't tell my neighbors!)

  2. Replies
    1. You're not dopey! Maybe they aren't common in Boise, but around here stick tights are what we call a weed that has little seeds that "stick tight" to your clothes, hair, pets, etc... Some folks also call them "hitchhikers" or "beggar's ticks." I've spent many hours removing them from socks and shoe laces through the years but this was the first time I'd ever got them in my hair!


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