Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bored Bunny Bombs

When our bunnies get bored they tend to do destructive things, like chewing up the things in their cage. Recently they totally ruined the bracket that holds one of their feeders.

It was my fault, I hadn't provided enough stimulation for them during the chaos around here this week. But I'm back on track now! One of the things I provide actually tackles another problem at the same time- wasted hay.

If I toss hay into the cage, most of it just ends up on the ground underneath. AND I needed a way to use up all the hay crumbles that are left after I feed the goats their share, YOU KNOW-the tasty hay morsels that are so small they just sift through the cracks in the hay feeder, the bits that are left after you've scooped and swept.
So here's my solution-homemade "Bored Bunny Bombs!"
Yep, I just fill up stuff and cram empty toilet paper rolls with that hay. Now the bunnies are actually doing some work for their dinner, keeping busy, and dropping less hay!
 Of course, a person could go to a pet store and buy some of these already made. But since I'm raising these for meat, I'm trying to be as frugal as possible. And I'm putting less paper products back into the environment- unless you count the awesome fertilizer these guys are providing, because my garden is producing more than I have time to harvest thanks to my bunny poo! 
 Happy rabbits, happy gardener, happy life!

P.S. My DH was impressed the first time I showed him this little trick. But wives, if you try this, be warned that just because a DH is impressed doesn't mean he will actually change an empty tp roll. (YMMV)

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