Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who I Am, What I Do

For those who have been wondering where this blogger went: I've been busy. Really busy. I bet you think I blog to keep everyone informed about all the cool things I discover on this homesteading journey. The truth is, that's what the blog is about but that's not why I do it. I blog because I like to, it gives me a way to express myself, to get my daily quota of words out. It's a calming therapy for a lonely girl who wants to get her thoughts across as perfectly as possible (there is no delete button in an oral conversation, now is there?) Having a topic makes it easy to stay focused on what is important to me. But the way I live doesn't define ME. I'm more than just a bumbling homesteader. There's a lot of stuff on my plate. Which is why I haven't had time to blog lately. I'll go into detail-but first I'd like to ask for understanding. You might not agree with my choices, that's perfectly fine. But it's my right to choose. If you feel the need to voice your disagreement with the way I live, please do so respectfully.

Who I am- I am the helper
Genesis 2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. KJV 

What I do-What I've been up to lately
When he is building hay storage, it's my job to hold the boards, find the dropped nails, hold the ladder....
When he is at the livestock auction, it's my job to make sure he doesn't bid too high on rabbits.
When he is bored, it's my job to break the lawnmower so he'll have something to fix.
When he is out of clean clothes, it's my job to remind him to fix the leaning clothesline posts.
When he pours concrete in the post holes, it's my job to (accidentally!) step in one before it's set up.
When he wants to work on a hot rod with his sons, it's my job to go shopping and leave them alone.
When he pulls all of last year's moldy hay out, it's my job to spread it in the garden.
When he takes his eyes off the road and crashes us on the motorcycle, it's my job to forgive him.
When he cleans the bugs out of the light fixtures, it's my job to thank him-profusely.
When his hair is looking a little too scraggly for church, it's my job to cut it.
When  he gets a really good deal on a rabbit hutch, it's my job to help him carry it and set it up.
When he offers to make me a hanging strawberry planter, it's my job to take him up on it! and plant the berries.

 As you can see, we've had a lot to do. But DH has returned to work so I'm back to being a different kind of helper, the one who takes care of everyday, home front stuff. 
 Busy days are never over. We're in a countdown to DS#1's graduation from Nuclear Power School training in South Carolina and DS#2's wedding in July. But blogging will continue (I need this therapy!) 

Homemade Hanging Strawberry Planters


  1. I enjoy reading your blog Tammi... thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. I'd have to add one to your list for me....."When he cleans out the shower drain, I thank him again & again & again!!"

    You know, I think we have some old gutters somewhere out in the back 40. Maybe this will be a good strawberry garden for next season!

  3. Cherry- thanks for the encouragement!

    Carolyn- how could I forget that one? I'm a serious hair shedder!
    I'm really liking my strawberries this way. We have problems with ants so I've never been able to grow them on the ground.

  4. Good post! Love the hanging berry idea! I may borrow!

  5. nancy- borrow away! I'm very pleased with it.


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