Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Cape Is At The Dry Cleaners

So I've been in disguise today. But in case you weren't here to see, I single handedly:

Fought off a flogging rooster while, reattaching a rabbit feeder that had slipped without any bunnies escaping. (It was my fault the rooster attacked, I accidentally made eye contact. LOL)

Dropped an egg from my left hand and caught it in my right hand before it hit the floor. Shew! (Okay, that took two hands, but who's counting?)

Surrounded and conquered all the dog hair that had declared war on every single floor in my home.

Rescued my skirt from the mouth of an almost-weaned, stubborn and very determined kid while I was milking her mama. Over and over and over and.....

Karate slapped/chopped 23 gazillion gnats to their death while I was picking lettuce from the garden. (Actually, I may have done more harm to myself than the gnats but that's just between you and me.)

Shoved a 1/4 inch in diameter pill down the locked-up-tighter-than-Ft.-Knox throat of a 35 pound beagle while convincing the other beagle that he wasn't missing out on some special treat so no, he didn't need to try to retrieve the pill from my hand while I was putting it in the first beagle's mouth.

Leaped over a muddy ditch in a single bound, landed too soon, slid a foot in two directions at the same time, AND stayed on my feet. (That's gonna hurt tomorrow!)

That was my morning adventures. How's your day going so far?
P.S. Exciting news about a give-away tomorrow!


  1. The beagle thing is so funny. I can just see that happening.

    1. It WAS very funny- during the retelling. Not so much during the actual event. LOL


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