Thursday, June 20, 2013

Because I Can- Giveaway!

Picture the words "I eat local, because I can"  followed by an image of a canning jar. That was a graphic I saw on a tee shirt last fall and it has really stuck with me. I don't can a lot, pickles, tomatoes, salsas, jams, fruit butters, and relishes mainly. I've increased slowly, learning a little something new every year.

 Yesterday I noticed the cucumbers were in full bloom, the blueberries are producing like never before, the blackberry bushes are overloaded, and the tomatoes are starting to look like a jungle. It's time to get out the recipe books and check over the canning supplies, see what new food I'm going to attempt, purchase jars and lids and rings and....

 While I was getting some of those things, I picked up a little something to gift to a lucky blog reader.

Up for winning is two unopened boxes of lids with bands, one wide mouth and one regular. If you're running short of these or you know someone else who cans (believe me, if they've ever gifted you with a homemade goody, they will appreciate this!) toss your name into a comment and I will draw one lucky random winner on Tuesday, June 25. PLUS if you send someone new to comment, ask them to mention you sent them. Not only will their name go in but I will add yours again-more chances to win! Good luck!


  1. I am trying to can more too. Hopefully our garden cooperates this year!


  2. I'm looking forward to starting my canning this year. Thanks for the chance to win some lids and bands!


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