Monday, June 17, 2013

A Garden of Sorts

It IS sort of a garden. Kinda....

This is what happens when you spend the garden prep month (April) on the road and then decide to plant stuff in the garden spot at the first sign of warm weather:
Weekend of May 9, 2013

Weekend of May 23
 I won't share the look of the cringe on my DH's poor face every time he glances in the direction of the garden, or the sound of the sigh he makes. He needs tilling and rows. I need easy and organic. Someday the two will find a happy meeting place here. But for now, I'm the one who spends the most time actually working out here. The poor man has finally just let me have my way with it. 
 So this year, piles of wasted hay and straw were scooted around to expose last years spots of awesome dirt- rich and wormy. Unfortunately, my bad back made it impossible to spread all that good stuff around at the time I placed it there. It was a major undertaking to get it from the coop and goat pen to the garden. It got left in tipped-over-wheel-barrow-piles. That left wonderful, weed free spots.    Not. Rows.  
 Check back tomorrow for images of how it looks right now. Bring popcorn. Laugh tracks won't be provided so be prepared to supply your own. Yeah, it looks that bad. (But on the other hand, it you don't have popcorn handy, there's plenty of good stuff to eat in there!)
 If you want an inspiring look at an organized garden, check out 
Someday I'll be that good....someday. Maybe.


  1. That's life sometimes - messy....

    1. nancy- more often than not. And I wouldn't trade mine for anything :)

  2. Obviously, you have not laid eyes on my weeds, I mean, garden. :)


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