Friday, May 10, 2013

Please Allow Us

to introduce ourselves...

New roosters! I guess since we've had them over a month, they aren't really new. But I'm just now getting time to share the news.

 Yes, there are two. The one on the left is a Barred (Plymouth) Rock. I like this breed for their calm temperament. They don't often get their feathers ruffled! They are also cold hardy which is important because our Indiana winters are so unpredictable. This one made himself at home right away. 
 As soon as we put him in the pen, DH informed me that he was naming this one. All of our roosters have been named by me but, according to DH, their names have not been "manly" enough. So I gave him the honor of selecting this guys' name. Meet "Boston" who was actually named before the terrible bombings but is living up to the Boston Strong image!
 And the little guy on the right is a Silkie. He was purchased at the same time as Boston, along with a Silkie hen. Silkies are also very calm birds but their main purpose was to put broody characteristics into our flock. A lot of modern chickens have had that characteristic bred out but Silkies still tend to go broody and I really would prefer to get my chicks the natural way. Unfortunately the hen was injured and we lost her. But I have great hopes for the Silkie rooster (he's still very young right now.) And because he appears to be all decked out in his silky white jumpsuit, I named him "Elvis."  I'm really looking forward to hearing Elvis sing when he's bigger.


  1. Most of the roosters we end up keeping (i.e., NOT in the soup pot) have been barred rocks. LOVE the name "Elvis" for your fancy pants fluffy white guy!

  2. Love the name you picked picked for the little white guy! :)


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