Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ain't Nothin' Purdy Here

Caution: This post is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it was all I could do to type it without sobbing. There's ugliness here....

 Let me start by saying I WAS raised with a mama who instilled some type of fashion sense in me. At least she did her best... But while I was in Florida last month, my critter sitting DS#3 sent me the following text: "All good at home. By the way there's a green snake living under your front steps." Yep, all matter of fact I got that good news. So I'm not stepping foot outside my door without boots of some kind on my feet.
There I am, in boots and shorts (shudder) and a pair of DH's old crew socks so the boot tops don't rub blisters (double shudder!) You'll only see it this once, unless you stop by and catch me ducking behind a tree or the trash can.

And I'm not the only girl on this place wearing something hideous. Oohhhh Noooo. Check out my sweet Ronnie.
There she is with her fashionable duct tape/ coffee can ensemble. She earned the right to wear that ugly contraption when she started self sucking- the collar of shame! She knows how embarrassing it is to wear something so ugly...I believe I caught her hiding behind a tree when the mailman drove past.

 We got the self sucking stopped but there are other udder problems going on.

So Ronnie is getting lots of massages and vitamin C. She hasn't been hand milked for a few weeks and her kid is just about weaned so she will be completely dry before long. After that, she probably won't be bred again-at least not for milking. She has a great temperament and will be an excellent companion goat for when we decide to get a real dairy goat, though! I can't put a price on the amount of knowledge I've gotten from her. Ugly or not, she's a keeper!

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  1. Wow, this post is HILL-arious, yet sad at the same time! I've heard of self-sucking does, but never thought what one would do if one had that problem. Interesting fix though :)

    Oh, and don't worry, the mailman will eventually get used to the boots/long socks/shorts. He did here.


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