Friday, April 19, 2013

On The Road

 Here I am, in Florida. Again. DH is here for business. It looks like he will be here for a while. Maybe I will be, too. It seems my heart is always in a battle between home and companionship. This time companionship won. But I brought some of home with me:

So my funny questions for today are, "do I look up the translation for homemade toothpaste and deodorant? Or do I let the non-English speaking housekeepers wonder?"              Hehehe!

Seriously though, I have been pondering the idea of sustainability when one is "on the road." How can a person make changes to have less of an impact on the environment- while living in a motel? Hmmm. When I'm along, DH does always try to get extended-stay type lodging so we do a lot of meals using real cookware and service. I try to spot where the locals go shopping. We do our best to control how often the towels and bedding are changed. I guess in small ways we do our part. Anybody got any tips or tricks up their sleeves? Chime in quick- before the gardening bug hits me so bad that I have to go home and play in the dirt!

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