Thursday, March 7, 2013

Up On The Milk Stand

Funny how much stuff a buck can destroy. Immediately after ours got into Ronnie's pen, we hauled out the milk stand. DH had put hours into building it. He didn't have a pattern to build it, he'd borrowed an actual stand and fashioned a replica. We couldn't let it get demolished by "that darn goat!"
 Now the stand has been returned to it's rightful place. I don't have a milking parlor, shed, room, roof,... Nope, Ronnie and I enjoy our milking experience in the great outdoors. That's the main reason I leave her kids on her while she's in milk. If it's raining or sleeting or snowing or freezing cold, I don't have to worry about milking. Of course I don't get as much milk that way. But I don't use or need a lot of milk so it works for us.
 While "that darn goat" was in her pen, I took Ronnie off of grain so he couldn't get into it. But she is getting it now. I give the grain and pellets to her on the milk stand. That guarantees she will willingly jump up on the stand. She hasn't been milked since last October so I've been getting her used to my touching her this week. She REALLY doesn't like it and I can't say I blame her. But once her head is locked into place, she tolerates it.
 Today there is some ice on the stand but we did a practice run anyway! I took some pix even though she refused to put on her happy face....
"Does this stand make my butt look big?"

"Goat Chow, nom"

"Seriously? Stop watching me eat!"
"Did I hear you say you need clippers?"
After, I put the pictures on, I was proofreading before I hit the "publish" button. I noticed that my girl is starting to fishtail so I'm off to find some copper. (Sigh)


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