Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Hard Stuff

I've got a lot of catching up to do! I leave you all for a few days and all kinds of stuff goes on. I'm planning to spend an afternoon of tea drinking and blog reading. DO NOT do anything else until I get caught up! :)

 Here's what we've been up to:
First, while DH was home, we decided it was time to take Archie to the processor. We (meaning DH) have never shied away from doing the deed ourselves, but golly, we NAMED this one, he slept in the living room.... And we have to take these opportunities when we get them. Who knows when DH will be home again? (If you DO know, will you please tell me? I can't plan anything!)
As soon as his sickness abated, DH spent a day in the garage- building panels for the bed of our truck. It was a double blessing to get rid of some used wood and now have livestock transport. (Ever haul a goat in the back seat of a Cobalt? I have!)

So Archie got to leave in the back of the truck. I went along to help DH unload him. It was a 5ish mile trip that seemed to last for days. That was about the hardest moment of this homesteading business we've gotten involved in. The deep down, nitty gritty stuff can be tough. I KNOW this was the right thing to do. He was too aggressive to sell, I couldn't pass a problem goat on to another person. In order to recoup the money we had invested in his feed and care, this was the most sensible option. Yes, we shared a few tears on the ride home. But we can rest at night knowing we did the right thing. I'm chalking this one up as "one sustainability lesson learned the hard way."

And then, DH got sent to Florida. And me, being the sensible girl I am, went along to soak up some sunshine and heal my heart. But I'm back now, ready to tackle new challenges- like the fact that poor Ronnie's belly is about to drag the ground. So, it's kid watch for me! Since we don't have a for sure breeding date, I'm betting she will deliver any month now (doe "code of honor" don't ya know?)


  1. Sorry to hear about Archie. But, really, Sorry may not be the right term. He was big and getting mean and an animal like that is just not acceptable. You did the right thing; saw the problem, saw it had to be dealt with and you guys proceeded onward. And now you have some great meat in the freezer. Did I ever tell you that I absolutely LOVE goat ribs?!

    1. And now you are going to share how to cook goat ribs, right? :) Thanks for the encouragement-I really needed to hear someone else say it!


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