Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shopping At Home

 It's a cold, dreary, gray day. One of those days where I just want to stay in the mismatched sweats I yanked on this morning to go feed. I've already got them warmed up and I don't have to keep them clean since they have the first-cup-of-coffee-missed-the-mark trail going down my chest.

 I burned my thumb and got a nasty blister. It's not bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor but as I was self-treating it, I had a deep feeling of solitude. That, combined with the gloomy weather, brought me down and I got to really missing my DH. There is another blogger I follow who faces the loneliness of a travelling spouse and she shared an excellent post about the depression that comes with it. I go back and read it from time to time to lift my own spirits. So after I got my thumb taken care of I went to This Little Place Here for a refresher.

Then I made myself get down to business. I'm out of some basic supplies. There was a time when I would have made a beeline to town to get this stuff. But now that I'm a sustainable kind of girl, I can make them myself-in my own home, wearing whatever I want!

So here's the shopping list I would have taken to town before this homesteading adventure:
     Laundry Soap
     Toilet Cleaner
     Window Cleaner
 After my run to Wally World to get all those supplies, I would have stopped at a coffee shop for a Cinnamon Dulce Latte.

My, how things have changed! Instead I went to the supply closet and pulled out:
     Washing Soda
     Fels Naptha
Then I went to the kitchen cabinets and got:
     Baking Soda
     Corn Starch
     Coconut Oil
    White Vinegar
     Mint Oil
     Tea Tree Oil

And I made everything on my shopping list myself- for a whole lot less than I would have spent originally! I saved enough to get the jumbo sized Cinnamon Dulce Latte on the next several trips to town. But is that going to happen? No!! Because I can go back to those kitchen cabinets and find:
     Fresh Roasted Coffee
     Sweetened Condensed Milk
     Cinnamon Sticks

And I can make the exact same drink myself for a whole lot less than I would spend in town. And I can sit down and drink it in my cozy warm home, wearing my mismatched stained sweats.


  1. Very good reminder. Do you have a link on how to make some of those cleaning products?

  2. JMD- there are so many variations on all of them. You can Google "homemade fill-in-the-blank" and find lots of ideas!


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