Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've been here, there, and yonder. Yonder is a fun place to go! In the meantime, Ronnie stayed home and gave me these little beauties......

 The white one in the rear is a doeling and the darker one is a buckling. And just because there is no such thing as too much cute, here is another picture.....
All together now...AWWWWW

There were originally 2 doelings. And since this blog is about everything I have learned, maybe someday there will be a post about my first experience with culling. Someday. In the far future. After a night of heavy drinking... Until then, I'm busy playing with kids, reading up on banding bucklings (yikes!) and sanitizing milking stuff, and getting everything ready for the big snow that's heading our way. I sure do wish spring would come!

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