Saturday, February 2, 2013


WARNING- picture with blood at end of this post!

After a lot of pondering and inner turmoil about the fate of my buck goat, Archie (said goat) has taken the final decision on his own shoulders. 

I tried every trick in the book to take care of his over-aggressiveness. When the bad behavior started, I tried a water  squirt bottle. Then I added vinegar to the squirt bottle. When that failed to produce results, I began wrestling him to the ground(he was a lot smaller then!) After several bruised leg treatments, I finally broke down and had DH get a cattle prod. Since then not one time has anyone entered the pen without "packing." 

I've tried to convince myself that this is an acceptable solution. But two days ago, Archie changed my mind. While I was filling the hay feeder-from OUTSIDE the pen- he hooked my hand and pinned to a t-post. When he finally released it, he got two quick jabs in before I could get it away. OUCH!

There is no doubt that this was not a playful attack. That goat had murder in his eyes. After I was out of reach, he charged the pen several times trying to get to me.

I'm going to be black and blue for awhile but I don't think any bones are broken. My heart is a little heavy, though, because that goat has to go.


  1. I know how you feel, and I'm sorry it turned out. I honestly thought you & Archie would be ok since you spoiled the little bugger since he a tiny-cute-buckling. But those damned hormones. I was about to put a bullet in Pan's head but somebody came and got him; I traded him for two bags of corn and was happy for it. Now my new boer billy, who isn't even a year old, is starting to butt the fence when I come up to feed him. I was able to eventually wrestle Pan down to the ground and give him a "what-for", but Pan was only a Nigerian Dwarf. There's NO way I'll be able to handle an aggressive Boer buck when he gets older. I also have thought about the cattle prod. Unfortunately, we're going to need him for our breeding program if we're ever going to have our meat goat herd.
    Where are all the people with the "nice" bucks, and how do they get them to STAY nice??

  2. Maybe if it's just bad genes, or the luck of the draw. He'll make a good roast for someone. Hope your hand heals up ok!

  3. We had that problem once, he was on Craig's List faster than he could say baa. He went to a place where they needed a friend for their horse out in a pasture so maybe there is a place for him. Otherwise, there is always the freezer.

  4. My buck (it bothered me) but I never took over him like I have my girls I also had my bottle goat Gilbert fixed so I could keep him. If I took over a little buck they tend to turn grumpy if I keep at arms length when little they seem to be ok as adults

  5. I've been away, moving and all that drama and I'm just now trying to catch up with everyone.... So sorry to read this post. And sorry about your hand :(

    I was attacked by a buck... Pinned me against a tree while he reared up pawing, biting and trying to head butt... I managed to grab his front legs and hold on but not until after he bit me and broke one of my molars. Dead. goat!

    No horns here, ever, just in case they try to get ornefry.... Bucks are not played with as bottle kids, they aren't buddies.... From August until March they are only fed from outside the pen, and if I have to go in the pen, even with the sweeties who have never screwed up, they are clipped to the fence BEFORE I enter.... I've found this to work well as they never get the chance to challenge or romance ya.... Helps keep them from blurring the lines on what kind of interaction with me is acceptable....

    Poor guys, not their fault that the hormone surge makes them looney... Learning to AI is one of my goat goals! lol Bucks in frozen straw form is very appealing ;)

    If it helps, I don't think you did anything with him to cause this.... Just happens sometimes. Hope you can get him moved out soon.


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