Monday, January 7, 2013

Taking a Break

 We've got about 10 more weeks of winter. That's a sobering thought. Yep, looking forward to lots more chores in the dark, cold winds up my skirt, slathering on the lotion in an attempt to alleviate the dry skin.... Yeah, yeah....blah. Now that the Christmas decorations are put away (and the cookies, too) it's oh so easy for me to get the winter blues. And it really doesn't help to listen to my DH complain about how warm it is in Florida (he's working up a sweat, I tell ya!)  Bah!

 Luckily, my weatherman is predicting a mini-break for this week. Temps are heading upwards and today the sun is shining bright! And I'm working on my anti-winter depression attitude.

 Bright and early this morning I put some country style ribs in the slow cooker along with a healthy chug of mesquite smoke and bbq sauce. And I took some fresh-out-of-the-2012-garden green beans out of the freezer to saute in some garlic oil. Uh-huh, later today I'm having a picnic. Who cares if it's too cold to eat it outside? The sun's shining in my kitchen window and I've got a plastic picnic-y red checked cloth for the table. I'm gonna crank up my Beach Boys cd, walk around the house bare-footed and smear left-over-from-last-summer's sun lotion under my nose.

Take that, winter!

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