Monday, January 21, 2013

One Goal Met!

All the way down at the bottom of this blog is a picture of our 2013 goals. It says right there that these are goals we want to "work on together." Well, we've accomplished one, minus the "together" part. When we made the list, we planned for most of it to be worked on during the spring and summer. But right now DH has a rare few days home and he wanted to take advantage of the time and put the walls up on the lean-to that would give us more hay storage.
--But it's 23 degrees outside.
-- And, and, and the wind chill is a balmy 5 degrees. (Yes, I'd like some cheese to go with that whine.)
So this Hoosier Girl is not working outdoors any more than is absolutely necessary. Uh-uh! Instead she kept the coffee perking and filled her DH up with a hot breakfast of oatmeal and a hot lunch of goat stew with biscuits while HE did this:

Even better than a wall, we now have a long sliding door to make putting up hay so much easier. And we've at least doubled our hay storage area. Woo Hoo!!! Give that man a round of applause!


  1. Oh my goodness, you folks are tough! I would be hiding with everything I own on. ha Good for him and good for you.

  2. It was -1 this morning, but sunny. The wind chill stinks...

  3. Applause!!! We are about 7F with the wind chill and mine is also out. He's working on water as our water for the critters. He built a fire under a metal tub to melt ice for the cow and calf. We don't have running water but once a day when we turn the pump on from the spring and generally store water in cisterns but everything is frozen! I'm glad to be inside. Hot coffee and hot soup is on the menu. (Where's your hubby's coat and gloves?!)

  4. I don't think it's ever going to warm up! Ever! Waaah...

    ourlittleacres, hubby had a nice warm fire going inside the garage. He just ran out real quick to take a measurement.


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