Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Giveaway Winner, Good Things, and Goals

Happy New Year!

and congratulations to Carolyn! You've won the hand crocheted dish cloths. So shoot me your address in an email to ramseytojo at gmail dot com and I'll get those shipped off to you.

Good Things (for a New Year's Day)
Sofa snoozing

Ham and black eyed peas


2013 Goals
This is our joint "honey-do" list, the projects we've discussed and want to work on together. I've haven't included the whys and how-in-the-worlds because each thing has a whole story which will become a blog post or two as we accomplish it. If we don't succeed or change our minds, you'll get to hear all about that, too. As we sat down to make the list, I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude for the hope and anticipation of a new year. God has given us a clean slate. I can't wait to see where He takes us, what He provides, how He will stretch us!
1. Build a pig pen
2. Raise a feeder pig
3. Concrete the chicken coop floor
4. Enclose a chicken yard/run
5. Repair/replace the gate between buck and doe goat pens
6. Put new walls on our lean-to to increase hay storage area
7. Raise our own Thanksgiving turkey
8. Raise our own meat chickens
9. Find a winters supply of hay 
10. Get new rabbit breeding stock
11. Get a new rooster


  1. Whoo-hoo!!! I LOVE giveaways! (btw, did you enter mine yet???)

    You know, your "todo" list looks a lot like ours! Well, except for #11. If you were closer I'd give you SEVERAL new roosters!

  2. Carolyn, I have entered (fingers crossed!)

    With roosters, it seems like we always have feast or famine. I don't know why we can't have just one. One would be good. LOL


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