Thursday, December 6, 2012

This December Day

First, she takes care of her morning critter chores: dragging lazy beagles out of the bed, tripping over a sneaky cat, scooting hens, scratching goat necks, scooping feed, filling water buckets, blowing warm breaths onto icy fingers

Then, she heads indoors, to shower off buck stink, savor a cup of fresh-brewed coffee with homemade cinnamon cream, and plan her day.

 Number one on the list is to tackle the pet hair/dust bunnies that are overrunning her floors. So she starts a dos-ey do with the broom. But longings for her long distance DH creep in to her thoughts and the dance becomes a starry-eyed waltz. (Just a short one, her DH doesn't like to dance!)

 Next she's off to tackle a pile of bills. This is one of her least favorite things to do-this sitting in front of a monitor, checking bank accounts, adding and subtracting (mostly subtracting.)

 By now it's lunch time. So it's a quick bite of reheated leftovers and then-drum roll please- it's time to check the mail. I know, I know, sorry for the letdown. But out here she takes the drum rolls whenever she can get them! There was a bonus in the mail anyway, someone had gifted her with an extra helping of loose glitter in a Christmas card. This Hoosier Girl is very fond of glitter!

 After the re-sweeping of the floor (no dancing this time, that glitter is even harder to catch than dust bunnies) she settles in to the mundane tasks. You know what I'm talking about-the dishes, the laundry, wrapping gifts, cleaning the litterbox....

 And now we find her here, at the end of the day. She's thrown out the evening hay, closed up the nesting boxes, and settled into her favorite rocking chair. She's got the twinkling of Christmas lights, the scent of a balsam candle, and the sound of metal bib overall buckles hitting the dryer walls. Her bills are paid and her tummy is full. Her home is warm. She gets out her laptop and clicks on a link, "Blessed Little Homestead Life," and she thinks to herself.......
             "Yes, it is."


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