Thursday, December 13, 2012

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

 Speaking of birds, ours free range. We supplement their "all natural" diet with layer feed. But most of the time they don't need it. Our girls are, ahem, fluffy. They get plenty to eat just scratching around the yard. But when the weather turns colder and they don't venture as far from the coop, I give them crushed oyster shell along with their feed to help them with egg shell development. Crushed oyster shell is easy to find at the farm store but it is REALLY heavy. So I save the buying of the oyster shell for DH. The same DH who is working in Virginia this week while my oyster shell supply is dwindling. Sigh. I guess I'm going to be making a trip to the farm store.
Fresh baked pumpkin bread

BUT I really wanted to get some Christmas baking done today. So I decided to save the town trip for later and make some pumpkin bread.

When I got finished with the baking, I had several egg shells to dispose of. So I rinsed and crushed them....

...and fed them to my birds! They get their calcium for new shells and I get to put that trip to town off for another day! 
P.S. No birds were harmed in the making of this blog post. :)


  1. Hi...I found your blog while looking for one that I used to follow. Mooberry Farm Homesteading Journal...I am not able to get it anymore...comes up saying that the URL cannot be found. Noticed it is on your blog list. Do you have any idea what is going on??? Thanks!

  2. Anon- I believe she had some problems but has it resolved now. The link works for me. Her blog has a different look but I really enjoy her writing and knowledge! Keep trying!


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