Friday, December 21, 2012

Gearing Up For 2013- A Giveaway

 "I'm about tired of killing 2 birds with one stone." That's what my DH told me this morning. To which I replied, "huh?" He went on to explain that my blog hadn't been updated in a while. OH.

 Truthfully, I've had lots to talk about and plenty of time to write it. But our internet has been MIA for the past week. But if he was able to get on and see my last post, then I can get on and write a new one!

 I'm excited that he is on vacation til after the New Year! My hay feeder is getting fixed, I have a chore buddy, and there is actual, live, on-going conversations with another human being in my home! Woo Hoo!!!

 We've had a little time to reminisce about all the things we tried this year. Some were fabulous successes. Some were miserable failures. But we tried. And we're going to keep on trying new things. First up on my list of new things: make a list...of the things we want to try in the upcoming year. I think it will be a big help to me if we have our goals clearly written down. Second thing on the list is to start a "success jar." We are going to write down the things that make us happy over the coming year and place them in the jar. It should be fun to pull out the slips and read them on New Year's Eve next year!

 Sometime in the near future, I'll be posting our list of things to try this year. And to celebrate our New Year's clean start: A GIVEAWAY!

Up for grabs is a set of three hand crocheted (by a Hoosier Girl) dishcloths made from 100% USA grown cotton. They were a lot of fun to make and are guaranteed originals because I didn't follow a pattern. I will have a random drawing on New Year's Day. To get your name in the hat just leave a comment below.

 Please note**Two Beagles and a Cat own Hoosier Girl. These were not made in a pet free home**

Psalm 51:10  Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.


  1. OOOooo! I'd like to add my name to the hat please! The canine/feline hair is one of those special additions to any homemade craft!!

  2. I'd love to try your idea of the "success jar"! Sometimes it's overwhelming to try and find time for big projects, but the little things add up too :) Toss my name in, I'd love something homemade! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  3. Glad to hear that DH is home for awhile. All is well here. We might actually have snow on Christmas day...Have a wonderful Christmas. Give all a hug from your family in Texas.....You can put my name into the pot too. Love, from Texas

  4. I love seeing your posts....You have grown into a beautiful lady. Evelyn

  5. I am so going to steal the success jar idea. I think the girls will love it.

  6. I'd love a chance to win the dish cloths. I've made a couple but I'm just learning and it takes me a LONG time to complete one.

  7. Please, please add me to the list!


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