Sunday, November 11, 2012

Super Saturday

  My DH is home! He pulled in the drive late Tuesday evening expecting to get a great big hug and an excited "Welcome Home!" But I'm sad to report he was greeted instead with a "spilling off the page" honey-do list. The poor guy had been gone for 34 long days. That's a lot of time to miss out on homesteading stuff. So I've been keeping him busy. And we all know how DH finishes up most evenings checking for blog updates ( read here to see how important this blog can be to a DH) so here is more of what this guy has been up to lately:

 1-Fixing the buck shed. Who knew one goat could do so much damage? Evidently my DH did because when he built the shed, he used cheap plywood for the walls. I remember him telling me that was so we wouldn't be losing so much money when "that darn goat" destroyed them. And destroy them he did. So yep, the shed got new walls (and a new roof!) for winter.

 2. Butchering the kids. This was our first time to butcher anything bigger than a chicken or rabbit so I was terrified a little apprehensive. But DH got right in there and got the job done. (I mostly covered my eyes and tried not to breathe through my nose.)

 3. Replacing leaky faucets. One of our bathroom faucets started leaking a while back (3 years ago to be exact, but who's counting?) It was one of those deals where first he said to "just turn it off tighter" and then "you're turning the handle too tight" and then "it's not fixable, will have to be replaced someday" and then.... Anyway, it got replaced this week! So, yay!

 4. Mowing. Not the usual mowing that I try to do every week. He did the "end of the season, don't miss a spot, mulch all the leaves, even under the apple trees where the poison ivy grows," mowing.

 And last but not least
 5. Romancing. Yes, he swept me away for a little anniversary getaway! We took off Friday evening and didn't get back home until late Saturday night. So I wasn't even thinking about soup or "Souper Saturday."
But I did have a Super day with my hubby! We will get back to the kitchen for some soup making next week!

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