Saturday, November 3, 2012

Souper Saturday 4

Another grey, dreary, downright chilly Saturday! It's also my anniversary. So am I making some exotic, romantic, gourmet soup to celebrate the special day with my DH? Heck no, he is still in Milwaukee.
 But I am going to make a soup that we both really like. Actually it's a chicken chili. Having traveled over most of the U.S. I've learned one thing about chili-it's not the same wherever you go. No, it's like pizza or clam chowder or hot dogs, a very regional dish. In some places chili is a "soup" and in some places chili is a, well, "not soup." I'm going to make my version of chicken chili "soup" but it can be easily adapted to be the other. And since this recipe makes a family size pot and I am here by myself, I will add that most of this soup will go into the crockpot in the morning for after church services. It really is better the second day!

Chicken Chili
1 pound of shredded cooked chicken. I use the roasted laying hens that were too tough for frying.
1 quart chicken broth. This also comes from the old hens.
2 or 3 (15 or 16 oz) cans of white beans. This depends on how many servings you want.
Water to taste. Depending on the richness of the broth, it might need tamed down with a cup (or four) of water.
And the most important ingredient:

Ok, ok, I know it's a (gasp) processed food. So it's my dirty little secret. I've tried to replicate it. I've tried other brands. There is just something about this combination of seasonings that makes the perfect chicken chili. I also use it to make chicken enchiladas and Mexican casseroles that have chicken in them. Sooo shoot me. Just promise me you will never use the chili directions on the back of the package. Ewwww.

To make the chili:
Put chicken, broth, and beans in soup pot. Heat to almost boiling. Add seasoning packet and stir to dissolve well. Add water to taste. The longer it simmers, the better the flavors will combine. We like to add crushed tortilla chips and sour cream as a topping. Yum!


  1. Sounds good, but sometimes those mixes are really high sodium, if you're watching that... I'd add some fresh cilantro on top!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Never had chicken chili....DH is a chili purist. As in "beefy" types of meat like beef, goat or deer. Maybe I'll try it one day :)

  3. Nancy, You are so right about the sodium. This mix says it has 18% daily allowance per serving when it is prepared according to package directions. I'd estimate it to be about half that when prepared my way. DH is a fan of cilantro so he might give that a try!

    CR-thanks! And I was the same kind of chili purist before I tried this on a whim a couple years ago. Your DH might be surprised...


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