Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paying It Forward

 There's a lot to be said for living in this country. We've got to be the most blessed nation in the world. I think we also are the most lax when it comes to gratefulness. Except for the one day last week when everyone stopped to be thankful, how often do we hear of it?

 At the beginning of this year, I accepted a challenge. I promised to "pay it forward" by passing on 5 homemade items before the end of 2012. I issued the same challenge to anyone who was willing to take it on but I didn't have any takers. I guess the task of making something worthy of passing on can be intimidating. But I was undaunted and am holding up my end of the challenge. But I haven't been very good at keeping track of how many items I've given away. Who wants to crunch numbers? It's so rewarding when you don't!

 So far I've passed along plum jam, pickle relish, farm fresh eggs, and goat's milk-for some orphaned kittens (ok-technically eggs and milk are NOT homemade but guess who fed those hens and milked that goat?) And now that the weather has turned cold, I'm working on some Christmas gifts. Today I've finished up a crocheted hat. Tomorrow I'll add a stack of crocheted dish cloths to the stack. And soon friends and neighbors will be receiving fresh baked banana/nut and cranberry/orange bread. And I will get back the best gift of all: the smiles of thanks from someone who received something homemade.
crocheted hat


  1. I LOVE giving gifts, it's such a great feeling :)

  2. Good for you! I love giving away my eggs and canned goods, mostly to my kids. I'll pass on some to my neighbors this winter too...


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