Thursday, October 18, 2012

Milwaukee Trip

I took a little road trip to Milwaukee to visit DH this week.

I was a little nervous about leaving; Archie has been up to some shenanigans at home. He's busted down the gate between his pen and the girl's. This time the damage was done to the hinge side and there is no way I can get the gate back up and repaired while he is in his (ahem) current frame of mind. How long does this rut business last, anyway? It is next to impossible to enter the pen for feeding them so I devised a very clever way of pitching the alfalfa pellets over the fence while scattering them so everyone gets a fair shot at some of them. Luckily the hay feeder is easily accessible at the edge of the fence and we have always filled it from the outside. And Ronnie has decided that now is a good time to wean her little doelings. So I told her, "no milk=no grain." She was ok with that. So they are are all living together in an old fashioned herd type of community and according to my awesome critter sitter, there haven't been any complaints yet. But I am determined to get the whole Archie dilemma solved the next time DH is home.

And speaking of DH...he misses the homesteady type of food while he is out on the road. So I was pleased to find he has a nice kitchen in his suite when I got here. We can fix some of the meals he misses. And the forecast for Saturday looks like a perfect soup day. So look for a soup recipe, maybe some pictures, too. It's nice having "city internet" to blog with!

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  1. Oooo! Soup!

    Rut, for most goats, lasts for months; starting in the fall and going into early winter. If he can get to the gals you may have some surprise doelings in five or so months!


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