Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If I Had Known (more lessons learned lately)

If I had known....
the mums that hadn't bloomed for the last 5 years were going to change up their ways this fall, I would have trimmed them up!

If I had known...
the chickens were going to fluff out so pretty after the molt, I would have taken before pictures.

If I had known...
all the shenanigans these two lovebirds would pull to be together this fall, I would have named them Romeo and Juliet instead of Archie and Veronica. (Yes, the gate is, once again, mended!)

If I had known...
a mouse had found its way into this rabbit feeder overnight, I would have not have startled half the state of Indiana with a high pitched scream this morning.

and while we are here,
If I had known...
that piling junk on top of rabbit cages keeps the chickens from getting up there to lay eggs, I would have started piling stuff up there this spring instead of waiting til now.

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  1. Ah, yes. The lessons we learn. :) Write them all down and you can publish a textbook for homestead living. All those things you never learn in a book...and just have to live. :)


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