Friday, October 5, 2012

Cooped Up

I guess I took a blog break.

 I started this blog with a purpose: to share what I was learning about homesteading and sustainability-the ups, downs, ins, outs, whys, why nots, mistakes, successes, failures....and to meet up with other people with similar goals and challenges, to learn what does and doesn't work for them. In that way, I more than exceeded all my expectations and I'm thankful for all of it.

 But the rest of my life didn't stand still while all this was going on. No, at the same time I was learning about droughts and hay shortages God steered me right into a new season of my personal life. And while I won't go into the details here (that isn't the purpose of this blog) I CAN say that I am dealing with confusion, searching for the direction I'm supposed to be going. I'll try to keep all that from leaking into the stuff I share with you. For now, I'm taking one day at a time.

 On the agenda for today- TOWN!! I'm going to town!!! I'm going to wear a nice skirt and not worry about getting hoof prints on it. I'm going to return my library books (and talk a little too loud so I can hear the librarian say "shhh".) I'm going to take my time at a green light so I can hear a honk (instead of a cluck!) I'm going to get in the longest line at Wally World and talk to every. single. person. in. the. line. I'm going to smile at the cashier so I can get a smile back. I'm going to have a conversation with somebody (ANYBODY) and not hear phone noises. I'm going to drive around both farm stores and not wonder if there is some kind of feed on sale this week. I'm going to talk out loud and NOT HEAR AN ECHO.                              

 P.S Thank you for your patience!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Whatever your personal journey is know that your blog neighbors love and send lots of prayers your way. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Wow! Town day! :)
    Have fun. And we're here for you, homesteading or personal stuff.

  3. Had a great day in town! Thanks for the kind words and prayers. From the emptynest/midlife/hormonalchanges/identitycrisis/sufferer!


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