Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pondering the Daily Grind

 Bread. It's a subject much discussed in our home. I'm pretty sure there is some OCD issues with bread. We try to stick with whole grains. And since our bread is mostly homemade, that means buying whole grain flour and meal. So, naturally, the discussions about bread have forayed into the area of grinding our own flour. We touch on it and leave it, back and forth, yes and no, maybe someday we will try that....

 Yesterday, we visited an old, old corn mill. It's part of the Pioneer Village in a state park. We love to go there and watch the reenactments of pioneer living- the spinning, weaving, leather working, etc...  Even with the crowds of visitors, it is such a peaceful place.

 But the best part is when they start up the old mill and we get to watch the corn grinding.

The operator tells of days when the mill ran from sunup to sundown everyday, making hundreds of pounds of cornmeal every hour. And I think, "people have been having their meal processed for hundreds of years." And what was their alternative-way back then?

But now, thanks to technology, we have more options. We can hope that the flour and or meal that we pick up off the supermarket shelf meets the standards we have. Or we can grind it ourselves and know it does. So, readers, tell my of your experiences. Do you grind your own wheat or corn? Love it? Hate it? 


  1. I grind my own whole grains and buy organic unbleached white flour for anything I need that for. I love it! My family loves to eat it. :) Here's the post I talk about it in.


    I'm sure you'll love it if you try it. The taste and freshness is wonderful. :)

  2. I wish I could grind my own, but have not tried growing it....yet :) I buy unbleached white flour organic and organic wheat flout. I just realized you live in the same town my hubby's company is stationed in! They just finished a job in Mo, they are in Ill. now and I think the next one will be about 20 minutes from Vincennes Indiana. Have a great day!

  3. Patty- thanks for the link. I am going to study it!

    Kim- How cool is that? What kind of work does your hubby do?


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