Friday, May 4, 2012

I Wasn't Lost

 I'm sure you've been hanging on the edge of your seat and wandering if "someone" should be calling the authorities to do a welfare check on me! Rest assured I didn't get lost. Or sick. Or hurt. Or run away with the mail man. Actually our mail carrier is a lady. And her van goes really slow so if we were running away, you would have caught us by now.
 Back to the topic at hand, I haven't been any of those things. I've just been really busy. But I've got a few minutes now so I'll catch ya up. Here's pictures of the gardening progress:
The tomatoes are planted (with the marigolds for bug repellent)
The cabbage is weeded, potatoes (behind the cabbage) has a layer of straw and the peppers are planted and caged. I threw a couple daisies in there for color but they won't last long. I don't know why I have such bad luck with daisies.
The cucumbers and onions are up!
And the first blister of the year is starting to heal!
What I can't show you in pictures is-the morning I spent with my DGM helping her adjust to her new room and roommate at the nursing home, the 120 mile round trip to get the one missing flower needed for DD's wedding bouquet, the morning spent with DMIL(who doesn't drive) running errands and getting groceries, the time I've spent reading over and over the half-page letter from DS #1 at boot camp, or the falling into bed at 7pm because I am just to tired to move. Yeah, it has been a hectic week! It's Friday but Sunday is coming!
 Sunday is my day of rest. If you remember, one of my New Year's goals was to spend Sunday afternoons with my family eating a HOME COOKED meal instead of the old tradition of meeting them in a restaurant after church. For the most part we have been able to do this and it really has helped to have a relaxing time at home. 
 But right now I'm gonna sneak in a little "me time" and go blog visiting. I can't wait to catch up on what my blog friends have been doing!


  1.'re not're just REALLY busy! I don't blame you for falling into bed at 7 pm. Maybe you just need a whole day to not get OUT of bed? ;)

  2. I regret not having the opportunity to notice you've been gone, since I've been just as MIA as you. Life sure does get busy! Thanks for sharing you garden pics with us! I'm nowhere near gardening yet. Probably won't be until very near the end of the month. I hardly start anything indoors since usually they don't do any better than the things I direct seed into the garden. Can't wait to see wedding pics! :)


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