Friday, May 18, 2012

I Overslept

 Normally I am out the door with a bucket full of milking supplies and a cup of coffee under my belt by 7:00 in the (way too early) morning. But today was one of those days when Chase the wonderbeagle thought cuddling was in order. So he snuggled up with his head under my chin. And I went. right. back. to. sleep. The roosters crowed and I snoozed.
 Now, I have an "oh crap" alarm. It is on my cell phone which I stick in my back pocket and it usually sounds off while I'm in the middle of feeding or watering, or scooping something. But today, it went off while I was dozing. Me and Chase, we were dreaming about chasing rabbits when the clanging started. Yowsa!!!
 So I hotfooted it out the door in my night shirt and a pair of old sweatpants and hit the backyard at a run. All the goats were screaming their heads off, the chickens were looking for nibbles under the rabbit cages, and the rabbits were making that annoying clicking noise with their empty water bottles.
 Don't you just hate when the day starts out like that? I had to play catch up the rest of the lousy day. It was bedding wash day so I had sheets and comforters to drag in and out to the clothesline. The trash can was overflowing so it had to be emptied and since I was in a tizzy, I kept forgetting to put a fresh bag in. Of course when I was picking up stuff outside, I found an empty feed sack so I filled that up with the trash I was carrying around until I got the trashcan ready. I ended up making 3 trips to the outside can before it was said and done.
 I had planned to put some more straw out in the garden but the heat of the day was on me before I got time to do it. So I put that off for an evening chore and did some cleaning in the chicken coop, where there is a nice breeze from the fan. Then, I got hungry for lunch so I cut up a watermelon and ran the rinds out to the chickens for a snack. I had mowed the yard yesterday which means I had moved all the hoses that run to the garden out of the way, so they all had to be put back into place. I finally did get into the garden this evening and half-heartedly moved some straw around. But the day had been so hectic, the heat was so pressing, I was so NOT IN THE MOOD to get much of anything done. So I came inside, turned on my laptop, logged into my blog, looked down at the keyboard and noticed..... I am still in my nightshirt.
 So tonight, after a long hot shower, I am going to bed early. Because tomorrow, after the critters are all taken care of, I am meeting my daughter in town to pick up the dress I am wearing to her wedding. And I want to have time to make sure I have clothes on before I go.


  1. I've had more than my fair share of those days. I'm avoiding evening garden work, because the mosquitos are AWFUL already.

  2. It could have been worse, thankfully you spent the day at home, you could have gone to town in your nightshirt.

  3. ROFL hg, that sounds like me!

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with days like this! The wind is so fierce here today I sit inside when I should be out watering and weeding. Hopefully this evening it will die down. I'm tired of it being beautiful during the week while I'm at work and crappy on the weekends. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, we need it so bad, but why cant it wait until Monday?


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