Thursday, May 17, 2012


 I found this little visitor when I went out to collect eggs. The little critter is about 10 feet from the chain link fence that is home to our Beagles. I know he/she is thanking his/her lucky stars for chain link fences!

Speaking of collecting eggs, Mama Hen has parked her little self in this same box for 3 days.  I sure hope there is an egg or two under her. I would go investigating but that look she is giving is called the "evil eye" around here. That's her way of saying, "stay back"- and I've learned to respect it!!!

This is what I found on top of the goat feed barrel this morning. That explains what the aforementioned Beagles have been barking non-stop at for the last few nights. That also tells me what has been leaving  another discovery I made in my yard. Yuck-no pictures of that! You can thank me later!


  1. What kind of critter left that print? Guess somebody's gonna have sit up with a shotgun one night...

  2. RB Farm- I think it's a coon print. I'll have to wait til DH checks it out to know for sure.


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