Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Thoughts

I finally got time to work in the chicken coop. It hadn't been cleaned in quite some time so I spent a few hours in there. Just me. The chickens wandered in and out but seeing no handouts, they didn't stay long. The gnats are really bad so I doused myself in vanilla and worked as fast as I could! And I let my mind wander (or maybe I should say wonder)....
 As I was chopping up the old straw that was stuck to in the dirt floor, "why can't we get the money and the time to line up at the same time to put concrete in here?"
 As I shoveled the old muck into the wheelbarrow, "how can some people pull off the "hottie" look while they are doing this? Do I need to replace these ugly green masks with pink ones?  (Pretty sure the color of my mask wouldn't help LOL)
 As I was dumping the wheelbarrow "stuff" into the garden, "I hope nobody comes by today 'cause as soon as I'm done, I'm changing into something a whole lot cooler!"
 As I was cleaning out the nest boxes, "how many chickens do we really NEED? There is only one of me here most of the time, I can't eat a dozen eggs a day!!"
 As I was bleaching out the water containers, "Should I be concerned about BPA in livestock buckets? hmm"
 As I was heading back to the house after finishing up, "Is there anything better than expectant little faces wishing you would hurry up and get home?" (I may not have a pink mask but I have a cute little purple spray bottle of vanilla! It's all good!)


  1. How cute, that look of expectancy- Mom's home!!!

  2. OH, don't you just love seeing their little faces when you come home? My dog always has her nose right at the door, so that as soon as I open the door upon arrival, out pops her little black nose to greet me :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)


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