Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rabbit Season

 Just before the weather turned bad  was supposed to turn bad last fall, we butchered all of our rabbits. There were so many reasons why I didn't want to raise them over the winter: they were in a location that didn't have electricity so multiple water changes would have to be done daily, they couldn't be moved to a better location because of predators, and their "safe place" was extremely hard to maneuver the dropping trays around in. In fact, many times over the summer I ended up wearing some of those droppings after pulling out the tray that was over my head and spilling it on the way down to the clean-out bucket. To say the least, rabbit raising was turning out to be more than I would be able to handle in freezing weather.
 So over the winter we had time to rethink how our rabbit management worked and didn't work. It was an easy task to do while we were enjoying a yummy rabbit stew, bbq'd rabbit sandwiches, and rabbit with noodles. So now that the freezer is nearing empty, we have a renewed drive to raise more of our own rabbits!
 We started by putting the cages back in the original location (where there is access to electricity.) DH put some heavy chain around the cages to deter the predators from pulling them off the stand. This stand is horizontal so I won't be reaching up to pull out a heavy tray full of garden-ready recycled rabbit food! And we decided to try (again) with a breeding program.
 Then we went to the auction last Friday and got some new rabbits!


  1. We had rabbits when I was a kid, they were so much fun. I remember though I hated to clean the cages! I would like to try them again though!

  2. How exciting. We are picking up our breeding trio tomorrow. I can't wait to add them to our homestead!

  3. Kim, they are fun! And cleaning the rabbit cages isn't as bad as cleaning a chicken coop (in my opinion.)

    Mr. & Mrs. HH, Good luck with your rabbits! Honestly, we had a tough financial winter due to DH's back surgery and that rabbit meat in the freezer was such a blessing!

  4. Good luck on your new brood! Flock? Team? Basket? What DOES one call a bunch of rabbits? Herd? Oh well. We keep talking about getting rabbits; maybe this will be the year. I've only eaten wild rabbits (that I've had to blast out of the gardens), so I'm excited to taste a domestic and more meaty variety. Those BBQ sandwich sound Tas-TEE!

  5. Great choice, trying again with the rabbits! :) We sure enjoy raising them, and the kids love snuggling with each batch of little ones for a few weeks, from about three to six weeks old. After that, they're getting too big, so they wait for the next batch to be ready for snuggling. :)
    And they're nice eating, of course!


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