Friday, April 13, 2012

More Lessons Learned Lately

Please allow me to share some tips I've picked up in the last few days.
1. Never turn your back on a pregnant goat who wants her neck scratched NOW. (That's going to leave a mark!)
2. Yes, Lilly of the Valley pictures are nice. Especially when you get down real close to them.

3. But they aren't so great if there is a SNAKE coiled up in them while you are leaning in.

4. Garter snakes aren't poisonous. OK that little tip is irrelevant if you are like me-I HATE SNAKES!
5. If you have an older home (like me) that has a concrete front porch (like me) with unattached concrete steps (like me), the gap between said porch and steps is a perfect place for snakes to nest. Four of the little devils darlings have ventured out so far. Yikes!
6. It's also the perfect place for a hoe to rest!

Sorry snake lovers. You are more than welcome to come and humanely remove my snakes to a faraway place (like Switzerland!) but until then....
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  1. I hate snakes also, ran into two last week one was by my sidewalk I....did something with it. The second was in the garden (farther from the house than the other). Hubby keeps telling me garter snakes are not poisonous and they eat poisonous snakes (dont know that for sure, but just in case) deep breath, I picked it up with a shovel and moved it about 10 feet farther away. When I see a snake I think copper head and then it takes me a while to calm down I dont like the scared feeling! With the preg goat I totally agree!

  2. I'm fine with snakes as long as they mind their manners and aren't poisonous. Poisonous can't stay around for obvious reasons. Rude snakes that jump, lunge or spit at you can't stay around, either, no matter what kind they are, because I SAID SO.


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