Friday, April 6, 2012

Hopping Down the Blogging Trail

In case you've ever wondered, "How in the world does Hoosier Girls's mind work? How does she get from one idea to another, from point A to Point B? Where is the common sense in her world??" I've decided to share a few typical thoughts that cross my mind while I'm our there in "Bloggerville." Um, fasten your seat belts, ok?

It starts like this: The other day I was reading about how to make pickled Easter eggs. So I talked DH into helping me make a batch (I figured if he helped, then the blame wasn't all mine if they turned out yucky!) So we took my laptop into the kitchen, followed the directions, and now we have these

looking all pretty in the fridge, waiting for Easter.
 But they were looking so tempting, we had to just try one to see how it tasted. Oh my goodness. DH left to go to work and here I am, day after day, looking at these eggs, knowing how good they are going to be. ARGH! Willpower, don't fail me now!
 Now I have tons more eggs (uncooked) in the fridge. So surely I can satisfy that craving somehow! Then I ran across this post about Carolyn Renee's egg peeling dilemma. And boy doesn't that egg salad sandwich look yummy? So I steamed some eggs (hopefully someday she will try THAT little trick) and got them all peeled:
but, alas! I have no mayonnaise! The last time I had been to the store, I made the mistake of reading the mayo label. So a mayo purchase was not made. If I wanted egg salad, I was going to have to make my own salad dressing. 
 So, I went back to my list of blogs and hunted down an excellent recipe for homemade mayonnaise. It turned out better than anything I could have bought at the store- and I can pronounce every ingredient in it! It's a bonus that this recipe is cooked- I don't have to worry about making a sauce with raw eggs! But it does have to cool down. And while it is, I'm going to go watch one of these:

Score!!! I won these awesome DVD's in a giveaway hosted by Susan over at e-i-e-i-omg. Yeah, you can be jealous! Or you can just wonder "what in the world is she going to find in someone else's blog next?!?" Hey, I'm all about learning new stuff- check out all those links in this post if you like learning new stuff, too!


  1. Pickled eggs? I want to try them, but food dye is out in our house, due to an allergy. I will try both the steaming eggs AND the cooked mayo recipe. Congrats on winning those dads!

  2. I made some picked eggs 2 weeks, and they came out tart!

  3. Eggs for EVERYONE!!! LOL. BTW love the changes in the blog...My eyes Thank You for the biggier font.


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