Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Dairying Part 2

There have been a lot of fun and weird learning experiences this past week. I shared all of the stuff that happens outside with the goat. But a big part of my having fresh-from-the-back-yard milk, happens in the kitchen.
 First, let me assure you, I am very aware of the reason why pasteurization of milk was started in this country. I am not naive about the dangers of consuming raw milk. I do not now nor would I ever advise anyone to drink raw milk. That is a decision that (in my opinion) can only be made for oneself. I highly recommend each person do their own research before making that kind of decision.
 Here is my step-by-step process for the kitchen part of my home dairy:

1. While I am making the udder wash to take outside, I set out a sterilized glass jar with a funnel and a disposable coffee filter in the top. (I have a strainer on my wish list at the goat supply site if any of my dear children are wondering what in the world to get their wonderful, awesome, labored-for-hours-to-bring-me-into-this-world, mom.

2. I fill up one side of my sink with a bleach/Dawn dish soap/hot water solution. Then I go out to milk.

3. Upon returning to the kitchen, I pour the milk through the filter into the glass jar, set the jar in the freezer, and set a timer for 15 minutes.

4. While the milk is chilling, I rinse the milking bowl with hot water and then submerge it with the udder wash jar and the funnel into the sanitizing wash in the sink for a good scrubbing.

5. Everything then gets rinsed twice in running hot water and placed in a dish drainer to air dry.

6.  At the end of the 15 minute cool down in the freezer, the milk is then transferred to the fridge.

That is how I "process" my milk! Keep in mind, I am totally new to this. I would love to hear your tips and corrections!
Very first home milk


  1. Well, I know even less about it than you say you do, so I'm sure enjoying reading about what you're learning! We plan to drink ours raw as well, so I'll surely be paying attention to any tips that are posted to you! :)

  2. We don't pasteurize our milk either. So long as you are careful about your cleanliness and make sure to get it cool as quickly as possible, there shouldn't be a problem.

    The risk is still there, but hey, there is a risk in buying it from the store and entrusting other people to make sure the product is clean and kept at a stable temperature, too!

  3. So glad I came across your blog. I'm still on the fence about getting a milk goat. Just don't know if I want to commit. shame on me!

  4. Hi. I found your blog on someone's blog list and had to come for a visit. Congratulations on your first milk! I'd not thought to put the milk in the freezer and time it, but I do freeze the jars I strain it into. The only time I pasteurize it is if I'm going to make yogurt.

    An interesting thing about raw milk is that it doesn't putrefy when it goes "bad" like pasteurized milk does. It sours. Wonderful for baking!

  5. Congratulations.... oh, how sweet that first milk is!


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