Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Since I had a couple DSs over for lunch today, I gave them the honor of drawing the name for my giveaway. And they both promptly turned it down! I couldn't convince either one of them that it would be neat to have their picture in my blog. Men!
 But after some arm twisting and bribery good old fashioned ham and beans with cornbread, DS#3 grudgingly offered to pull the name out of the bowl-as long as I promised not to take too much of his picture. (Deep down inside they love me!)
 So here is DS#3 doing his good deed of the day:
And congratulations to:
Tina at Our Rustic Roots!!!
So, Tina, I need you to send:
Full Name 
Complete Mailing Address, including Zip/Postal Code 
Telephone # (in case of problems with your order) 
Email address (optional, in case of problems) 

and I will get your subscription ordered!


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