Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't Try This At Home

 I have to confess. When I was typing the title of this post, an evil grin snuck up on me and took over my face. 'Cause DH is working out of town and sometime this evening he will check to see if I blogged. And when he opens it up and sees that title he is going to be thinking, "Oh no. What did she do now?" HeeHeeHee! Now relax, honey, I didn't tear anything up, break the car, or lose one of your precious tools!
 What I did do is this:
 First, I went to the grocery store. I went with the intention of purchasing some higher fiber foods to supplement the not so healthy diet I've had going on lately. Although I don't normally buy pre-cut-up veggies, there was a sale on broccoli slaw so I grabbed a bag to try out.
 Last night I did an internet search for uses for broccoli slaw. I know you are supposed to eat it as a slaw-I just didn't want to. I wanted to find other ways to use it up. The only recipes I could find called for putting it into omelets and quiches. Well, hey! I've got eggs like nobody's business! So this morning, I did this:
 I put a handful of the slaw in an egg ring and sprinkled it with water to soften it up (as the omelet recipes I had found suggested.)

Then I added an egg and some salt and pepper.

After it was cooked through, I put it on a sandwich (yes that's store bought bread-just bring on the hate mail, I've had a busy week!)

 And then, I ate it. No, the truth is, I attempted to eat it. Not much went down. It was extremely disgusting! So Do Not Try This At Home.  You might think, "I like broccoli and I like eggs so I bet they are good together." Um, No. Just no.
 Unnnleeeessss, you have someone in your house who needs a reminder to appreciate all the good things you normally cook. I'm thinking one serving of this should bring them back to their senses!
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  1. sign me up for the
    drawing please

  2. I agree with Tina - it definitely looks edible! But I will take your word on this and avoid the combo in the future. :)

  3. I have used it in fish tacos, pretty good! I make a lime/cilantro dressing and toss it with the slaw. Fry the fish, and corn tortillas, pile on the slaw. Nice and spicy, fairly low calories and filling. I've lost 35 lbs. since Jan. and it's a favorite recipe for me! The dressing in on my blog...

  4. It just goes to show ya how looks can be deceiving!

    Nancy, I'm going to give your recipe a try-sounds yummy!

  5. I know this may sound bad, but what is an egg ring? I have never seen one, although I know a lot of things slide by me!! :D

  6. Kim- an egg ring is sometimes called a pancake ring. It's just a metal circle that you drop an egg (or pancake batter) in to make a perfect circle-like on an egg mcmuffin. Usually they have little handles on them but the one in my picture was homemade so....


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