Thursday, March 29, 2012

There is a Season

Ecclesiastes 3:6  A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

My goal for today is to get rid of all the unhealthy plastic in my cabinets! I dislike the thought of more stuff going to the landfill but if I can't find a use for it, it HAS TO GO. So my plan is to pitch all the plastic that has been  stashed set aside for food storage. I won't bore you with all the details about why, you can do a search about BPA(Bisphenol A)  when you get free time. So while I may be keeping some plastic for storing other items (and some BPA-free lunch containers) the rest is going bye-bye.

Oh good grief!

Let the plastic purging begin!
How did it all fit???
 Sweet success!
 No more "homestead tupperware" for us! 


  1. I do confess, I love my tupperware! I won't be ditching it as I use it all too much, but I have started weeding & tossing all that isn't BPA free.... Couldn't believe how many of my fave containers were made with BPA plastic :(

  2. Oh Crystal, I love my tupperware, too! I paid way too much for it to even think about tossing it. "Homestead tupperware" is my fancy name for margarine tubs and cottage cheese containers. Those went bye-bye!

  3. I keep the cottage cheese containers for scooping animal feed or starting plants. I have converted all my storage containers to glassware.

  4. Good job! We have some tupperware and some homestead tupperware (which up here we refer to as Polish Tupperware). It's on my list to weed through. I really should have done that BEFORE we put it in the new kitchen...right?

  5. How long do you think that will stay that way, uncluttered?? LOL.. I do mine all the time, but in the end it is that way again, cluttered. LOL.. good luck...


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