Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She's a Daddy's Girl!

 You may remember my rant from last July about the dog attack that took all my cockerels and pullets for the year. I didn't mention it at the time but all of those little birds were Araucanas. A few days after the attack, one of the little cockerels found his way back home.

 So I have an Araucana rooster, but no Araucana hens. 

But I do have some Black Marans hens one of which we call "Mama" because she likes to go broody.


And a while back, she gave us the pleasure of  our very first born-at-home chick! 

She's a gorgeous lavendar/gray mixed breed hen now. Since she is a mixed breed, we were curious to see what kind of eggs she would lay (super dark brown, Marans or blue/green, Araucana) And we have just found out that she is an Easter egger! She presented us with a wonderful green tinted egg!

Mama's egg on left, green tinting didn't show up well in picture.


  1. Not only a pretty green egg (we trust you about the picture color, really we do!), but an even prettier little hen! I love that gray dusty looking color!

  2. Love the color of your little hen! Congrats on the color to cute! We just got some easter egg babies last week, hope they are all hens!

  3. Love that little born at home chick. Fabulous color! :)


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