Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pea Plants

This is the first year I've planted pea seeds and

here they are popping up! These are the first garden plants of 2012!!
 We've had a round of severe thunderstorms just blow through. It looks like they are done for the day so I'm off to plant something else. I'm plumb giddy with garden excitement, maybe I should bookmark this page for later in the summer when I'm sick to death of any and all produce? Nah, I'll just count on all of you to remind me how wonderful it is to have fresh, homegrown food! Anyone else getting an early start to putting stuff in the ground?


  1. I put peas, lettuces and onion sets in today. :)

  2. I LOVE putting peas in the garden; they come up quickly and BIG! It's definitely a good boost to my gardening ego as I have quite the black thumb!

  3. Lettuces up, arugula up, australian spinach in, radishes up, rhubarb & asparagus up, life is good.

  4. We have planted potatoes, onions, and far. The beginning of garden season is always so exciting!!! I'm with ya!


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