Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Build a Goat Shelter-2

 Some of you may remember last August we put together a goat shelter by doing: this. It was a great, fast way to protect our 2 little goats and we are still using that particular building for our little doe, Ronnie. But Archie has grown and become an aggressive little stinker. He managed to knock off one of the doors and push the roof off its track, easily fixed but not something the little shed could repeatedly withstand. And since it is time for the little darling to have his own bachelor pad, we are experimenting with a new kind of shelter. Keep in mind that DH has recently had back surgery and is restricted from lifting anything over 10 pounds. Also, this Hoosier Girl is not carpenterly (that has to be a word, if it isn't we can petition Webster I'm sure) inclined. So here is how we solved our goat shelter dilemma:
 1. Since DH can't repeatedly stoop to build a frame, he bought a some-assembly-required chain link dog kennel.
 2. We placed plywood sheets around the outside of the kennel to provide the actual shelter.
It wasn't easy/peasy (refer to previous paragraph that clearly states, Hoosier Girl is not carpenterly inclined!) and it isn't pretty but it will do for now. This time we have our eyes wide open when it comes to the kind of damage a buck can do. So we are prepared, knowing some (MOST) of the plywood will have to be replaced over time. But considering the circumstances, it is a temporary solution we can live with!
 Now we have Archie in his own pen with a decent shelter. We just have to convince him that he likes it.....

Side Note:
Ronnie is starting to get big! She's definitely working up an udder but I couldn't talk her into letting me post a picture of that on my blog!


  1. Can't wait to see how the new goat shelter know, we're supposed to be getting goats this spring and I'm starting to get scared about what I'm in for. :)

  2. Awesome! Love it!!

    I had to upgrade my boys to another, sturdier shelter (they live at my moms now) because they are pretty destructive!


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