Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cool Treats

 It's officially spring! But for the last few days it has been feeling very summery.

 We've had a busy week of running back and forth to the hospital to keep tabs on my MIL. She had a major surgery and after that developed complications. She isn't out of the woods yet but we are putting our trust in the Lord for healing. But it's human nature to worry. And the hectic schedule is starting to wear us down.

 So when DS#1 brought us some sassafras roots he had picked up from his Amish boss, I was so excited to brew up a pitcher of tea and relax a little! The weather is sooo warm and that tea was sooo good.....

 But Ronnie thought the best treat for the warm day was a delicious purple popsicle!

Happy Spring! Stay Cool!


  1. Been meaning to make some sassafras tea, but never got around to it. When I did, I noticed that the "good" peeling stuff on the root was already scraped off! Guess I have to go out there and get some more.

  2. Sassafras always reminds me of when I was in High school. We tied a rope to the back of the four-wheeler and to the base of some sapling trees and yanked them out to make tea with.

    Gotta have that tea!

  3. Crazy weather we're all having. :) I'm glad you could enjoy the cool treats!

    Your MIL is in my thoughts...

  4. Hope you MIL is doing better. I do sooooo love sassafras tea!! :D


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