Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am Serious. Don't Call Me Shirley

But seriously, 3 of the ducks that we were given have decided to hang around. Originally there were 6. What happened to the other 3 is anybody's guess. One night they were all hanging out in their little duck gang, quacking and waddling all over the yard, giving each other secret duck signs, planning out a street war with the guineas. And the next morning there were only 3. We never found any evidence of a struggle or predator attack so I believe they just took off for greener pastures or maybe they just weren't meant to be in this particular gang....

 On our place, only animals who will never, ever, ever even remotely, be on the bus to freezer camp are ever named. But since these little ladies have decided to stick around and since I just fell in love with their little personalities (and their wonderfully awesome eggs), it is now safe to give them a name. I've been working on getting them to follow me to their morning feeding so I find it fitting to name them (drum roll please): Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy.

Camera shy
You're going the wrong way! Follow me!!

Almost naptime!

Someday, maybe I will dream up a formal naming ceremony for the critters who find a permanent home here. Or maybe not.


  1. Were the ones that left males? Maybe they were off to find not only greener pastures, but greener "booty"?? :)

  2. GREAT names! :) That must mean they're destined to have a long and happy life. ;)

  3. will follow me all the days of my life? Those ducks must have some hidden longevity!

  4. I absolutely love the names and that you love the ducks as much as we did. I do miss those eggs tho! You have given them an awesome home that I never could have, and maybe the missing 3 will return someday... :) There is a reason for everything!

  5. I loved having 2 khaki campbells years ago- they had a kiddy pool in the backyard and a shelter for at night. Smart little things...


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