Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Proverbs 13:20  He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. 
My grandpa (on my mama's side) has been gone for a while and I still miss him. He grew up in the hills of Tennessee but when he was in the army (wartime) he met my grandma at a bus station in Indiana and moved here with her after he was discharged. They visited his out of state family whenever they could and loved when the family visited them. Sometimes we could get him to talk about a shenanigan he pulled with a brother or cousin when he was younger! He didn't have a lot of "book learning," in fact he would tell you the only reason he stayed in school through the eighth grade was because he liked being on the baseball team! But he was wise in so many other ways. Most times he didn't have a lot to say. And when he did talk, it was usually a good idea to pay attention!
 I remember riding around on the mountain roads of his boyhood, and thinking how far up we were or how far down the bottom was. And grandpa would say, "it's not near as hard to drive on them as it was to build them." He scared us all to death but we pulled through.
 I remember grandpa as a carpenter. He built my "stow box" when I was a young 'tweenager. For the family he fixed up broken chairs and built bookcases. I remember him showing my DH tips and tricks like how to use a toothpick to fix a loose door hinge. Once he was working on a church and fell off the roof-scared the family to death but he pulled through.
 I remember how good my grandpa was at fixing cars. For a while, he was the manager of the local service station. My own father had passed away before I was old enough to drive. So in my high school days it was grandpa who checked the oil, changed the tires, and jump started my dead batteries- he even gave me my first car! Once a car slipped off the jack onto my grandpa's head-scared the family to death but he pulled through.
 And grandpa was an excellent gardener. On their small town lot grandpa grew blackberries and raspberries, and  rhubarb and onions. But not greens- (I always imagined it was because grandma never got them cooked to his liking, being from the north and all.) But there were always tomatoes and potatoes growing like crazy in the used up old tires. And in one bed there was always leaf lettuce. And that is what brings my grandpa's memory fresh to my mind today. Because it's Valentine's Day. And grandpa always planted his lettuce on Valentine's Day. And some would ask, "what if there is snow on the ground?" And grandpa would always say, "throw the seeds on the snow, they'll grow." And for him it always did.

So today I dug out these

so I could go outside in the cold and do this

Happy Valentine's Day, Grandpa! I miss you!


  1. What a great way to remember the one you loves so much! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I loved this srory about my Uncle R!! My dad looked more like him than any of his other brothers. I loved Uncle R and miss him too! Thanks for the story. :-)

  3. Your grandpa sounds like a sweet, sweet man. I would have loved to have met him. Thanks for sharing a bit about him today :) :) OH, and let us know if the seeds you threw on the snow, ...let us know when they start growing :) :) :) Happy Valentine's Day. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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