Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Day Before Yesterday

 The original title of this post was going to be "How to Drive Your Husband to Distraction." But Valentine's Day is fast approaching (and this is a family friendly blog!) and I didn't want everyone and their lover getting mad at me for misleading them so .... stick with me on this one and you'll "get" it!
 Yesterday, was THE big day for DH. He finally got his back surgery over and done with **woo hoo** (those little asterisks thingies are my pom poms for the happy dance we are doing!)
 But before we could get to THAT big day, we had to make it through the dreaded "day before" (insert doomsday music here.) The "day before" was a day of tangled nerves and apprehension. This wasn't going to be DH's first dance with a surgeon messing with his spine and the memories of that were coming in loud and strong.
 So this DW took to finding ways of distracting her DH from those nerves. It turns out being self sufficient is a game that can easily give you food for thought-if you take the time to ponder.  Lately, I've been thinking about ways to simplify and reduce the amount of money we spend on health and beauty items. And in my research on more homemade and natural items, I have run across quite a few tips and tricks. So, when DH started showing signs of stress (don't ask me how I know he's stressed!) I got him back to calm intrigued him with one little question, " Want to help me make deodorant?"
 I don't think at first he thought I was serious. But I showed him this link to a deodorant how-to at Homestead Revival. (BTW, I love this blog- it's a must read if you are a Christian homesteader like me!) And then the game was on!

 We had a great afternoon of measuring and mixing and laughing!

 Now, are you wondering how effective home-made deodorant is? Well, I can't tell you, YET. But I will be sure and let you know when I'm sure of my opinion! As for DH, he is home from the hospital and recuperating!


  1. I hope he is doing better soon and want to hear how the deodorant does. If he is up and about soon, we need to get you down here when we're boiling sap. Maybe you could also learn about some things not to do around a farm :)

  2. Hope DH is doing well. And let us know about the deodorant......are you going to do a "sniff test"??? :)

  3. I LOVED my homemade deodorant! But there was definitely an adjustment period when my body got rid of the aluminum from my antiperspirant. Word of advice: wear dark colored shirts for a while!

  4. Visiting the Howes farm is on my to-do list!

    CR-Since DH is basically immobile right now, I think I'll make him do the "sniff test" LOL.

    Kayla-dark colored shirts, check. Not gonna ask why....


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